Our Products

We aim to command a leading position in developing new healthcare products. Our unrelenting product and process development, analytical development, vendor and supplier evaluation, allows us to make momentous strides in healthcare industry on regular basis. Our aspirations are to deliver unparalleled innovation, and the best of science. The scientific evaluation and skills associated with formulating quality product is provided by a group of dedicated, highly qualified personnel in our product development and research department, and backed up by a professional analytical development laboratory.

We recognize the importance of global partnerships in developing and commercializing innovative therapies. It asserts a global approach while simultaneously strengthening ones competitive position. Hence it is an integral part of CCL Business Development strategy. It supplements our portfolio with the intent to identify new opportunities. It opens doorways to licensing new products of specialty in various therapeutic segments and commercialization in the region.

We believe in maintaining a diversified product portfolio to earn an advantage over other pharmaceutical companies and to accelerate growth. We currently have a strong network of over 20 partners worldwide.

Partnering CCL

If you are interested in partnership with us, kindly contact our Business Development Team

The Dilawar Hussain Foundation is a proof positive of our resolve for the overall betterment of humanity and a way of giving, a part of our success, back to society so as to improve the quality of life for the under privileged and need and thereby stand true to the spirit of its strapline.

The Dilawar Hussain Foundation, funded and run by CCL Group, seeks to support, engage and empower the under privileged communities by striving to improve their living environment through increasing their access to quality healthcare and education.

Dilawar Hussain Foundation includes Community Health Programme, a clinic providing free outpatient facilities to the needy including free consultation and free medicines. The clinic also runs awareness campaigns pertaining to healthcare and social issues on a regular basis, informing and empowering the people to live Healthier, Happier lives.

A Basic Literary Program, with a fully staffed and equipped school providing primary education to underprivileged children.
Other CSR activities include blood donation camps, quarterly donations of medicines to hospitals, education and medicines to SOS Village for under privileged children and merit based scholarships at College of Pharmacy, Punjab University, Lahore.